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Welcome! My name is Wambui Bahati. Although I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, Wambui Bahati is a a Swahilian name. Wambui means ‘singer of songs’ and Bahati means 'my fortune is good'. I currently live in New York City. I love making things. Over the past five years on my YouTube channel, I created tutorials on a variety of crafts. Today, I invite you to sew with me. I look forward to guiding you step-by-step through sewing some beautiful and one-of-a-kind projects Let’s sew!

Personal note

I would love to share my love of sewing with you as I guide you, step-by-step, in making wonderful, fun, stress-free – yet priceless sewing projects and gifts. I grew up sewing on my grandmother’s 1940’s Singer sewing machine. Sewing is what we did! A trip to the store to shop for clothes, really meant - a trip to a FABRIC store. Sewing has brought me many hours of joy and relaxation – and I wish the same for you. Let’s sew together!